Day 1

Hi friends!

Day 1 of art class is complete and I had so much fun! We talked about the color wheel, drew a surprise fish page, and played our Build-A-Bot game!

We learned about the color wheel in our art class today! Free art classes @studio80design!

We made surprise fishies today! Free art classes @studio80designWe made surprise fish drawings today! Free art classes @studio80deisgn

Build your own robot with this roll-the-dice game! Free art classes @studio80design!

Unfortunately, the class went longer than I anticipated (still working everything out!) and I no longer have access to the first hour of class. So sorry! I’ll work on keeping the classes under an hour so I am able to repost them on my IGTV tab on my IG account, @studio80design!

I’ve included our Build-A-Bot Game below for those of you who want to play at home! Just print it out, grab a dice, paper and drawing tool and you’re ready to play!

I hope everyone who joined us had fun! I loved seeing everyones pictures of their projects, so please continue to send them to me or tag me on IG!

Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and drawing a landscape with a leprechaun and rainbow! We’ll also be continuing our discussion about the color wheel talking about warm and cool colors! Some tools we’ll be using tomorrow are a white crayon and markers! If you have those, make sure they’re ready! If not, you can follow along with us using any art medium you have!

Hope you can join us for day 2 tomorrow!


Build your own bot with Adrienne from @studio80design! Just grab some paper, drawing tool, and a dice and you're ready to play!


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