Three Ways To Add A Shadow To Your Lettering

Hi there! Today I wanted to show you three different ways you can add a shadow to your lettering! Adding a shadow is great for giving your lettering more dimension and character. I’m going to use the same word “hello” and add the shadow from the same angle to make it easier to see the different shadow effects.

Here’s what you’ll need:


Shadow 1

This shadow is subtle, but does a lot to add some pop to your lettering! Using the Mono Drawing Pen 03, add a mono line to the right and bottom of all the letters, but don’t let the shadow lines touch the actual lettering. To help knowing where to add the lines, imagine this “hello” is a 3D object and you are looking at it from the bottom right. Then add in the lines that will make it look like a complete object.

When adding a shadow, it’s important to keep the depth of the shadow the same width across the entire word. In the case, the shadow it about 1mm away.

IMG_8920 2

Shadow 2

This shadow is similar to the first one, but it’s a bit more complex. With this method, start out by outlining your entire word with the Mono Drawing Pen.

IMG_8923 2

Then, add in a single mono line to create the shadow to the lower right of the word–but this time, make the lines connect to the word. Again, try to make the depth of the shadow the same along the entire word. I love the pop of white this shadow adds!


Shadow 3

For this shadow, use the gray side of the Fudenosuke Twin Tip Brush Pen. Draw lines on the lower right curves of the word. Try to taper the beginning and ending of your lines to make them appear more curved. I love this shadow because it’s a little softer and more natural than the other two.


Here are the finished three shadows together! Each one is different, but they all add a nice pop to my “hello.” Which shadow is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!


Thanks for visiting, I hope you found this helpful! For more inspiration, follow me at @studio80design!

xoxo Adrienne

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